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Which Decals Should Go in What Room?

Wall decals are ultimately useful pieces of décor that make the walls of your home pop and look magnificent. Of course, finding the right design is one thing. Expertly applying them to rooms is a whole other challenge! These pieces of interior design are as versatile as their application and removal. All you need to know are a few tips on how to use a wall decal in each room around your home, so in this blog, we’re going over some suggestions about what wall decals will fit a certain room, and where they should be applied:

The Bedroom

Which Decals Should Go in What Room? - Bedroom

As you know, the bedroom is a place for relaxation or, in the case of growing children, a space of creative play and imagination. One of our previous blogs went over how to decorate your kid’s room using wall decals, so look at that to get tips and tricks for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. For your bedroom décor or a guest bedroom decor, the idea of a restful environment should be reflected in its interior design. When it comes to choosing wall decals for bedrooms, every style does not work in the same manner. Bold neon colours, for example, will not promote a relaxing environment. Aim for softer hues of pastels, greys, or warm browns. Green is a great colour to use for plant motifs or a nature-inspired theme. For placement, here are the options for bedroom wall decals:

  1. Cover all four walls: When decorating the room, and when looking to cover all of your walls, it’s best to go with a classical, simple design such as horizontal stripes. The stripes should be either black for paler shades or white for darker shades. This gives the room a fresh modern look that’s not too distracting or wild.
  2. Cover single wall: If your goal is to have a focal point on an accent wall, it’s best to choose something bold and dramatic to help you highlight the wall. Flowers, an animal, or a geometric shape to fit with the rest of the room are ideal. Choose a silhouette coloured white or black depending on the shade of the room’s colour. Pick a decal with a hint of gloss to give it a classy touch.

The Living Room

Which Decals Should Go in What Room? - Living Room

The living room is the most highlighted in the house. This is the place where you, your family or your guests will go directly. It is a communal space that must be warm, comfortable and inviting to encourage people to come together. For the living room to have a great first impression, it’s important to ensure that the space is clean and well-decorated. You don’t want it to be incredibly “busy” with a lot of details. And what’s the easy and economical way to add a minimalist decorative touch to your living room than decals? The choice of decals depends upon the individual tastes and preferences. Popular choices for wall decals for living rooms can be divided into either Patterns or Themes:


  • Florals - this is an extremely versatile kind of wall decor that comes in several colours and flower types that can complement the colour of your furniture, creating a simplistic yet eye-catching room. Use as an accent wall or all over.
  • Geometrics - abstract shapes and lines with mixed colours adds a splash of colour that isn’t too busy in a room with only white walls. Use as an accent wall behind where seating in the living room is.
  • Polka Dots - another great idea for an accent wall. Polka Dots don’t have to be a simple black-and-white pattern! Mix it up by using blue dots, red dots, or gold dots on different coloured backings. Add a piece of furniture that’s a complementary colour or a picture frame to make it stand out.
  • Trees - surprisingly modern, using a silhouette pattern of trees in a design space creates a sleek contrasting accent wall that’s best matched with modern furniture and abstract room decor.
  • Wood - for a rustic feel, wood panelling invokes coziness and is a great way to use flannel-patterned decor in your living space and wood-framed photographs.


  • Frames
  • Graphics
  • Nature
  • Travel

Which Decals Should Go in What Room? - Patterns

The Kitchen and Dining Room

Decorating a kitchen may not be on the itinerary, but it’s the second-most used room in a house. With modern or rustic looks being the new ideal interior design for kitchens and dining rooms, finding a good wall decal can be a bit more tricky. Quotes are an ideal choice for both rooms as they are simplistic yet eye-catching, that come in many fonts to fit your room’s design. A little gloss can add a classy touch to the decal as well. For a kitchen, choose quotes regarding cooking, enjoying good food, or cooking together. For the dining room, choose quotes that are either humorous or heart-warming and celebrate togetherness.

The Bathroom

Yes, even the bathroom can be an ideal place for some wall decals! Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is another forgotten place in terms of decoration. For the bathroom, choose the decals that go with what the bathroom is mainly used for: bathing. Thematically something representing nature or the ocean will create an inviting and calm space. Accenting walls with a trim of marine animals, seaweed, trees, or anything else that would surround water is an ideal choice. If you would like to do an accent wall, choose a scene featuring a waterfall, river, or underwater scene to create a gorgeous escape.

Looking for Decals?

Which Decals Should Go in What Room? - Decals

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