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Like John Tortorella, we tell it like it is.

And today, we're busier than a beer league goalie with a short bench. We're behind 5 days (or 6,336 quick shifts). Luckily, this goalie is a stand-up-style tendy. We're talking circa 1980-1990. An ice-is-lava kinda tendy. He questions his ability to get up quick (or at all) if he were to go down. Plus, his vintage D&R leather pads have a tendency to stick to the ice so he's playing it safe. Two water bottles, a bit of a belly, counts his own saves. Yeah that guy.

Laugh all you want but this goalie has experience and he's hydrated. That's right. He's also preserving energy by not going down and flopping all over his crease like a fish out of water. He'll be the last guy standing because while he appears (and most definitely is) a tad slow, he's got more gas in the tank than you'd think.

Let's give him some encouragement and see if he can pick up the pace as soon as he can find that next-gear...hopefully sometime late in the 3rd.

He's only behind 5 days...c'mon people 5 days.

If you place an order today, we'd actually print your order, pack it, and ship it 5 days from now. The day you receive your product would depend on your location and shipping method. Please bear with us while we catch up, and remember you're supporting local which is noble of you and we really appreciate it. If you have any questions please reach out to us via our contact page.

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