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4 Projects for Leftover Samples

4 Projects for Leftover Samples

If you have ordered one of our sample boxes, you may be wondering what to do with the leftover product. We encourage you not to throw out the samples and waste a perfect opportunity to get crafty. In one of our previous blogs, we provided a few ideas for reusing our samples in crafts. In this month’s blog, we’ll be returning to the drawing board and giving you a single method for four different projects you can do. 


Project #1: Tech Decals

 Decorate your laptop using your leftover samples. Or, you can decorate your tablet, phone or other gadgets. If you want to add some flair to your phone, or you want to make sure there are fewer arguments over who’s gadget is who’s, tech decals are a great choice.


Project #2: Bottle and Jar Decor

Spice up your water bottles, jars and organizers! Whether their use is for loose change, beverages or dry goods they’ll add a unique touch to your home. We recommend that you clean these items with a damp cloth to ensure that the decals stay on for longer.


Project #3: Personalized Tumbler

This one is perfect for gifting to loved ones or for yourself, “just because”. A plain tumbler is nice for storing hot and cold drinks, but adding a sample onto it for some personal effect takes it from “nice” to “amazing”! We recommend that you clean these items with a damp cloth to ensure that the decals stay on for longer.


Project #4: Signage and Decor

Saving the biggest project for last! Vinyl wall decals are not only non-destructive to walls, but they’re also pretty durable! If your kids want some personalization to their door, incorporating our leftover samples in the design is a great way to spend an afternoon.


How To

To complete any of the four projects, you must ensure that any kids you’re crafting with are careful and watch for all fingers involved, as these projects use an X ACTO knife. Why not scissors? Well, scissors may seem more practical. However, because of the backing of our wall decal samples, it’s easy for the blades to get gunked up and stop working correctly. An X ACTO Knife is also easier to use to properly trim and shape the leftover decals into the size they need to be.

Got that? Great! So let’s move on to what you’ll need and what you’ll be doing.

You Will Need:

  • X ACTO Knife
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Ruler or Measuring Tape
  • Sharpie or Permanent Marker
  • Cutting Mat

What to Do:

  1. Prepare your materials. Make sure that your X ACTO Knife is clean and sharp to get crisp edges. Make sure that your leftover samples still have their backings so you don’t accidentally stick them to your table or floor.
  2. Clean your project. Wipe down and clean the surface of your project to get rid of any dust, dirt and oils. This will help make the vinyl stick better and last much longer.
  3. Take your measurements. With your design in mind, use a ruler or measuring tape to calculate the surface or surface area of where you’d want to place your reused wall decals.
  4. Trim the decal. If what you’re placing it on has a smaller surface area, or you only want a certain part of the decal, mark where to trim with your permanent marker and place the decal on your cutting mat. Carve out the shape carefully with your X ACTO Knife.
  5. Place the decal onto your project and be sure to smooth out any air bubbles formed.
  6. Enjoy your new design!


Looking for Decals?

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