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3 Ways to Make Your Kids’ Room More Fun

3 Ways to Make Your Kids’ Room More Fun

There are so many things going on in your kid’s day-to-day life. Their bedroom should be a place they feel safe and have fun. Decorating a kids’ bedroom to encourage them to have fun and stimulate their creativity can be somewhat daunting. In this blog, we will go over three ways to make this task less overwhelming and more fun.

Play With Color

One thing we know is kids love to color! But it’s unlikely your toddler will appreciate the same decor when they’re a teenager! To avoid having to repaint the walls through all of life's stages, it’s a good idea to stick with a neutral color on the walls and add that pop of colour to the ceiling. The ceiling is a perfect place to highlight a colour or pattern to a kids’ room without it overwhelming the space. Add a consistent, playful pattern such as a checkerboard or stripes using your kid’s favorite colors to encourage them to engage in play. If you're looking to add depth to a smaller room, consider patterns that create depth such as a checkerboard. If you feel like adding a mural, create a sky above their heads depicting a sunny day or a starry night. The sky above their heads creates a setting for wild adventures in their creative minds. 

Add Wall Decals

Inexpensive, easy to put up, and pretty easy to remove, wall decals are a great addition to kids' rooms and are sure to add flair. If you’re keeping your child’s walls a neutral color, this is a great way to create a distinct environment that caters to your kid’s current tastes and interests. Listen to your kid’s suggestions about what they are currently into and go from there. Hobbies inspire great decorations. If your kid enjoys playing video games, look for wall decals of characters they like and arrange them into a mural above your child’s bed. If they are into sports, such as hockey, place decals around the room to create a hockey arena or outdoor rink that they’ll want to play in for hours. The best part is that since the wall decals can peel off without damaging your paint, you can give in to their ever-changing obsessions and just switch up the decals as they grow up. You can also get them custom-made by some businesses to fit exactly what your kid wants to see on the walls of their room. Be sure to find quality-made vinyl wall decals, as these will be the most likely to last and the easiest to apply and remove. 

Use Your Kid’s Artwork

If you’re not sure about adding a mural or attempting to paint the ceiling, another suggestion is to use a space on your child’s wall to show off their art masterpieces. You likely have a lot to choose from! Instead of cluttering the fridge or storing it someplace else, incorporate it into the colors and designs of your room. Paint frames on the walls with bright colors that match the rest of the room, or leave the walls blank and make a single space on the wall where your kid’s artwork will be displayed. Painting the frames means your kids can swap out their artwork for their latest masterpieces whenever they’d like. This adds a pop of color and creativity to your kid’s room. You’ll also end up with an ever-changing art gallery while helping them grow their confidence simultaneously! If you don’t believe in your creativity, don't worry. Another solution is to add a wire to a space on the wall. Once it’s secure, use clothespins to pin up your child’s art. This method not only allows you to not only display artwork but lets them still easily swap out their work. 

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