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7 Gift Ideas for Kids That Love Hockey

7 Gift Ideas for Kids That Love Hockey

The holiday shopping season has begun! Shopping for gifts from now until December is probably top of mind. Choosing the right gift for the ultimate hockey fan may be easier said than done. You might be tempted to get yet another NHL-themed blanket or accessory, but there’s more out there in the world of hockey than their favourite team. That’s why in this blog we’ll be going over seven gift ideas for kids that love hockey. 

Stickhandling Training Aid

If the kid that you’re buying for is getting serious about becoming a better hockey player, show them you’re invested in their interests. A stickhandling training aid is a gift that suits the hockey-loving kid who wants to practice anytime, anywhere. These training aids are an innovative and portable form of practice that doesn’t require a coach, team, or even a training partner! Kids benefit by learning better puck control and stick handling while improving overall skill and coordination. Plus, it’s fun!

Tabletop Air Hockey

It’s not “real” hockey, but tabletop air hockey tables are still a great gift for a hockey-loving kid. Air hockey tables provide action-packed fun for a competitive hockey fan.  If you don’t have the room or the budget for a full-sized table, tabletop models are the perfect solution. Many have air pumps that are battery-operated and still provide that iconic frictionless surface of an arcade-style air hockey table. It’s a perfect gift for not only the kids; the grown-ups are sure to have fun with this one too!

A Hockey Bedroom Makeover

Why not surprise the hockey-loving kid with their dream room come true? Sure, a bedroom makeover might not be for younger kids who want toys and more interactive things, but older kids will delight in making their room a hockey lover’s dream come true! If you’re worried about their current hockey obsession lasting only a few more months, a creative solution is to stick to hockey-themed bedding, a few nicknacks, and vinyl wall decals. Investing in high-quality wall decals won’t peel the paint off of your walls when it comes time for a change.

Outdoor Street Hockey Sets

If your kid loves hockey but isn’t interested in fully committing to a team or to skating, there’s a gift for that. Outdoor street hockey sets are commonplace in sporting goods stores and, despite the name, can be set up indoors as well! Just ensure there aren’t any windows or valuable breakables around. Your hockey-loving kid can use the portable nets, pair of goalie sticks or hockey sticks, and foam hockey balls to play with their friends or siblings, or even with you! Best yet, many sets are lightweight and easy to take apart, making storage in a garage or closet hassle-free.

Hockey Trivia Book

This may seem a little silly, but for older kids, a Hockey Trivia Book might be the perfect  gift. There are different versions available that casual fans and hardcore fanatics alike can enjoy.  The ultimate fan will appreciate becoming an expert in all things hockey: the history of the game, the development of the rules over time, and statistics galore!  With any hockey book, kids are likely to find answers to lingering questions they’ve had for years. These books are extremely affordable, making them budget-friendly so stock up! Whether it is the bus ride to the away game or simply some downtime after practice, it’s the perfect gift for the kid who loves sports and reading. 


Hockey-Themed Stationary 

Contrary to popular belief, not every gift for a kid who plays hockey has to be expensive and heavy. In fact, a good practical gift that can accompany any of the ones previously listed is stationary! Look for journals, notebooks, pencils, pens, and erasers to add as either stocking stuffers or part of a gift.

Hockey-Themed Clothing


If you’ve got a young hockey player in your life or household, you know that for them, the game is a source of pride. If you’re not sure what to get, why not help them expand their wardrobe? Clothing is both a practical and fun gift to pair with any of the aforementioned gifts on our list! PJ sets, socks, and shirts are go-tos when it comes to hockey-themed clothing, so match them with a solid-colored pair of pants or slippers.

When it comes to getting gifts for hockey-loving kids, nothing speaks to them more than personalized, customized items that show off their favorite sport and add flair.  What better way to find customizable gifts than wall decals from Hockey Rooms? Produced in Canada, Hockey Rooms specializes in hockey-themed wall decals with over 10 years of experience in the industry. See what they can do to make your hockey lover’s dreams come true today!

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