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How to Make an Ice Skaters Dream Room

How to Make an Ice Skaters Dream Room

The most exciting part about redecorating is the opportunity to start fresh. Recently, as bedrooms became multifunctional spaces, more and more people have prioritized creating their dream bedrooms for themselves or, more importantly, for their kids. This can be challenging for any parent, but those whose kid is obsessed with ice skating might find themselves scratching their heads about what to do. However, creating their perfect bedroom isn’t as complicated as it seems; the secret is to strike a balance between form and function. Then, the right essentials, combined with the right decor, quickly make the bedroom of their dreams. This blog will discuss tips on creating an ice skater’s dream room.

Choose The Right Colors 

Ice skating evokes the image of wintery wonderlands. White as a base colour is an excellent choice for a colour palette to invoke this feeling. But too much white can leave a room feeling sterile, empty, and far too cold to be comfortable. Instead, accentuate your child’s bedroom with bright-hued pops of colour, such as blue or teal, or darker shades of purple and pink, depending on your kid’s taste. Snowflakes in teal, blue or white are breathtaking on a darker-coloured accent wall. Choose bedding, pillows, and decorations in matching hues to ensure variety in colour to the space without making it clash.

Don’t go Overboard on the “Winter” Element

Making a winter wonderland year-round for your child might leave them slightly gloomy. During the off-season, when the summer months come around, a wintery bedroom may not even be quite appealing to them. Worse, you can quickly lose the theme of the room – ice skating – entirely by adding one too many snowflakes to a wall. Be sure to minimize the amount of winter-themed decorations by adding only a few pieces of skating paraphernalia, such as a piece of ice skating wall art and cool-hued fairy lights in their favourite colour. The rest of the space can be personalized with their name or other activities and sports they enjoy. 

Create a Space for Medals, Trophies, and Awards

Ice skating can be a sport, and participating in events makes your child an athlete. So why not show off their accomplishments to inspire success and make them proud to show off? By simply installing a display case or even a shelf, they can have the space to place every medal, trophy, or award they earned through participation and dedication. Even ribbons deserve their place to be shown off: simply omit the shelf and create a space on their wall to hang their ribbons. Add some flair to either of these options by stenciling their name in a complementary color above the awards space.

Use Wall Decals  

Interests tend to shift and change as kids grow. Sometimes they hold onto their love for a recreational activity, but sometimes they decide it’s no longer for them. And that’s okay! But it can be every parent’s worst nightmare to take decorations down and repaint the walls. So stop the hassle before it starts by choosing wall decals, specifically mural art, to be applied to an accent wall or all around your child’s bedroom! Good-quality wall decals won’t remove paint, and some companies can create customized designs to fit your ideas. 

As the name suggests, Hockey Rooms Canada makes and produces wall decals in Canada. These vinyl pieces are made into panels so you can easily decorate the walls of your chosen room. Hockey Rooms’ decals are top-quality, so they can be peeled off and reapplied at will: with proper removal, they will not take your paint with them! Are you interested in adding some flair to your kid’s room? See what Hockey Rooms has in-stock today.



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