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how to decorate kids room

How to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

kids bedroom decoration ideas

Your kid’s potential, imagination and dreams all unfold within the space of their room. When their mind is boundless, it’s important to make sure that their space reflects who they are and makes them feel safe.  You want it to be a space your kid loves and wants to spend time in. You also want it to be a room that can stand up to endless hours of work and play as your kid grows up. Designing your kid’s room is going to take a lot of creativity, adaptation, and negotiation because rest assured their tastes are going to keep changing. Sometimes it may be almost every day! Maybe today they like dinosaurs, then a month later it’s old news. Today the solar system is everything to them, but by next year they’ve moved on to hockey. 

Not being sure where to even start is fine. That’s why in this blog we’re going over a brief list of kid’s room design ideas to turn their bedroom into their dream come true and save you from the nightmare of figuring out what to do!

1. Get Their Input

kids bedroom decoration ideas

The process all starts with your kid and their likes and dislikes. Their room will be their safe place to go to work on schoolwork, play with friends, have imaginary battles and safaris. It’s natural for them to have a say in what goes into their room! Try to see if there’s an underlying theme to their interests: maybe they all involve science, or physical activity, or a love for all things revolving around animals. Maybe there’s a hobby they have enjoyed for over a year such as hockey, video games, dance, or baking. Get them to write you a brief list of practical things they would like for their room: colors, decorative pieces, wall art, etcetera. Set the budget and let them help you pick out items within that budget. Not only does this let them unleash their own creativity and give them an active role in the project, but you won’t be playing a guessing game trying to figure out what your kid wants.

2. Consider Decals

kids bedroom decoration ideas

    Wall decals are stickers that can be stuck to the walls of a room to compliment the overall theme. If your child likes hockey, for example, you can add motivational quotes or silhouettes of goalies and players. You can pick some bedding or furniture pieces that match this interest. Whatever they love to do or are interested in, choose wall decals that seamlessly flow into the theme of their room’s design. Some popular and easy-to-find wall decal themes range from animals, nature, outer space, flowers and more. The best part is wall decals made by quality companies will be removable without ruining the paint of your kid’s room so when their interests change, redecorating is as easy as removing them and looking for new ones. You can even get wall decals custom made if their interests are outside of the mainstream.

    3. Look at Customization

    kids bedroom decoration ideas

    What if your kid doesn’t like a hobby, but their interest revolves around a certain cartoon character, a certain book, or a movie? It’s still easy to find some décor that they’ll love. Many popular movies, cartoons and books will have decorations centered around them. Of course, if your child likes a more obscure character, book or movie that doesn’t have a lot of merchandise it may be harder to find something for them. Fortunately, many companies that make decorations for kid’s rooms will have custom order options available for their customers. Custom options can range from wall decals, ceiling decorations, curtains, upholstery, carpets and more. For example, can make custom wall decals by submitting your idea through our Custom Orders page.

    4. Keep Colours in Mind

    kids bedroom decoration ideas colours

    Colours are incredibly important for a kid’s room. White is great for backing a colorful mix of decorations but perhaps you’re looking to shake things up and use a different color instead. A good idea for this is to add splashes of your kid’s favorite color throughout their room. If you and your child want to paint the room entirely one of their favorite colors, be sure to keep in mind what that color is and how much you want to put into the room. Each colour represents a certain mood that creates a calm or energetic energy in a room. Blue, green, and pink are examples of relaxing and warm colors. Red, orange, and yellow are bright energetic colors. Make sure to properly balance light and dark colors so your kid’s room won’t be harsh on the eyes when you, or they, walk in.


    Looking For Decorations that are Affordable and Locally Made?

    kids bedroom decoration ideas hockey decals

    Our wall decals take no glue, no nails, no paint, no tools, and no damage done to your wall’s paint. Just peel and stick them on wherever you’d like. You can avoid the struggle of a huge roll as we do it sheet by sheet so you can easily apply each decal piece by piece. It's easier to apply and reapply at will. A bonus is our decals let you customize with add-ons like rivets, blue lines, red lines, goal lines, glass, logos, and more! With over 10 years of experience in the industry, can make your dream room a no fuss reality for you.

    kids bedroom decoration ideas

    We have samples available for those who are looking to see our product work for themselves. Order a free product sample box to see, smell, and stick our hockey decals on your walls. You only pay for shipping & handling. The cost is refunded back to you via a promotional code if you like our product and want to order the real deal. The box includes miniature versions of our product so you can see how easy it is to transform your room into a barn. Our sample boxes include 2x boards, 2x glass, 1x blue line, 1x red line, 1x goal line, plus some extras. Interested in our products? Feel free to look at our products or contact us about any questions you may have!

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