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Why Wall Decals Are the Best for Decorating Your Home

Why Wall Decals Are the Best for Decorating Your Home

Wall decals can seem like they are only meant for children’s rooms. The truth is that wall decals, for decorating the rooms of your home, are incredibly useful and come in many designs. It's the look and statement of their living space. People change their living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms almost as often as they change their wardrobe. Today it’s new throw pillows, tomorrow it’s going to be new curtains, painting a new wall, or even buying a new stereo, or furniture. Here are the reasons why wall decals are the best choice for decorating your home: 


The process of decorating with wall stickers will only take you a couple of minutes. Within no time your wall will go from a blank slate to an expressive masterpiece. Wall decals come in handy during those times when you may feel impulsive and want to change up your living room. Maybe you plan on having visitors and your walls just need an extra touch, but not a permanent one. If you compare that to painting the wall, you’ll find that the difference is how tedious and time-consuming painting is as it requires time to dry. Removable wall decals are made of vinyl from a commercial vinyl cutter, and therefore can be used on multiple surfaces provided they have the right texture. Thus, they can be used in other rooms in the house to complement the look of the walls. The quality of decals also makes them an easy and beautiful solution on wall patches, to hide damaged areas. The entire process only takes a few minutes depending on the number of walls you’ll be doing. 


Unlike wallpapers or wall hangings, so long as they are gently removed, wall decals will leave no unsightly marks behind. When taken down, wall hangings and wallpapers leave behind traces of screws, nails, residue, and shreds of stuck paper. When installing decorative stickers on your home, you’ll find it easy and that it can be carried out by anyone. Unlike wallpaper, which requires noxious glues and careful application, or wall hangings that will need power tools or a hammer, wall decals are easy. Simply peel off the backside paper, place the paper on your wall, and smoothen it softly to ensure it’s even.


Painting walls will come with many struggles and an unpleasant smell. Painting a mural can be difficult to achieve and you may not have the artistic skill to pull it off or find someone who can. Wall decals offer thousands of options when it comes to finding the right touch to your contemporary walls. They can come in an assortment of shades, colors, forms, impactful prints, large stunning photos, and patterns. Decals that come in panels offer an ability to mix and match based on the size of the room and its theme. These are perfect for creating a beautiful optical illusion for your space. Wall stickers will help you create a different ambiance for every room since the options are numerous. As an example, your den can be a sports enthusiast’s paradise while the living room has an inspirational quote and delicate nature scenes.


Murals and Wall Art are gorgeous in rooms thanks to their great artistic effect, however, being able to afford the time-intensive process it can take may threaten your budget. These detailed paintings call for heavy purchase capital, not to mention the labor involved in installing them which will also incur a certain amount of money. Wall stickers offer the ability to create these coveted additions to rooms without spending thousands on a long process. Additionally, murals and wall art painted in your room do not allow you to test out the design beforehand. Some companies, like, offer free samples to see what the design could look like and determine the placement without making a permanent decision.

Looking For Decorations that are Affordable and Locally Made? 

Our wall decals take no glue, no nails, no paint, no tools, and no damage done to your wall’s paint. Just peel and stick them on wherever you’d like. You can avoid the struggle of a huge roll as we do it sheet by sheet so you can easily apply each decal piece by piece. It's easier to apply and re-apply at will. A bonus is our decals let you customize with add-ons like rivets, blue lines, red lines, goal lines, glass, logos, and more! With over 10 years of experience in the industry, can make your dream room a no-fuss reality for you.

We have samples available for those who are looking to see our product work for themselves. Order a free product sample box to see, smell, and stick our hockey decals on your walls. You only pay for shipping & handling. The cost is refunded back to you via a promotional code if you like our product and want to order the real deal. The box includes miniature versions of our product so you can see how easy it is to transform your room into a barn. Our sample boxes include 2x boards, 2x glass, 1x blue line, 1x red line, 1x goal line, plus some extras. Interested in our products? Feel free to look at our products or contact us with any questions you may have!

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