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How to Throw The Best Hockey-Themed Birthday Party

Is your kid asking you for a hockey-themed birthday party? It may be easy to go to the nearest party store and throw something together, but the effort put into a birthday party is treasured. It’s their special day, after all!

So to make sure your party is a hit, this blog will go over some ideas that are easy to do and sure to be appreciated, including:

The Decorations

The best-themed parties are accentuated by carefully coordinated decor. Even the most minimal decorations can add that special touch to your party. The easiest way to achieve a remarkable look that will make your party stand out is to start by designing around your team colours (2 to 3 works best) and go to town! 

Decorate the party area in your child's favourite team colours with streamers and balloons. To decorate the party table, simply place a white plastic or linen tablecloth on the table and then add blue and red tape set up to look like a hockey rink. Use old trading cards to make a banner to string across the party table, fireplace, or above doorways. Make the front door area look like a ticket booth where guests have to get a ticket to enter the party. Set hockey pucks and sticks around the room, along with hockey posters. Don’t want to risk your paint? Try hockey-themed wall decals instead, as they are reusable and won’t damage your walls! 

The Food

Fretting over what to serve at a hockey-themed birthday party? This is actually a menu that won’t break your budget and doesn’t require much effort! Set up a concession-stand-themed food bar and serve build-your-own nacho plates or hotdogs. This lets guests create their own meals. It makes it easy to serve even the pickiest of eaters and also allows for substitutions based on dietary restrictions to be available to guests. The tried-and-true classic of pizza and wings is perfect if you want something that takes less prep work. If you’re holding the party at the local skate rink, you may be looking to save some cash. Serve chilli and hot chocolate to your guests to help them warm up and keep skating for the duration of your party.

Snacks and The Cake 

Snacks, when it comes to a hockey-themed birthday parties, are easy. Serve chips, snack mixes, and pretzels in plastic bowls corresponding to your hockey team’s colours. When it comes to the sweeter snacks, try to make hockey puck brownies by cutting brownies into circles with a cookie cutter or cup! 

Not a skilled cake decorator? No worries! For a hockey-themed party, there are options for your main feature of any birthday party. If you’re going with a traditional birthday cake, design it to look like an ice hockey rink or have your favourite hockey team logo placed on top. Sounds too complex? Pipe a hockey stick using chocolate frosting on the top of your cake and use the top of a chocolate sandwich cookie as the “puck”! It’s that easy.

Goodie Bags

Celebrate the end of an excellent hockey birthday party with gifts and goodie bags for everyone on the team! Paper bags in team colours make great goodie bags that can be labelled with our fun hockey rink stickers! Handkerchiefs with your favourite hockey team's colours or logo to wrap around the favours are great, but tissue paper is also an excellent choice when you’re on a budget. Some ideas for your bags include NHL stickers or trading cards, sports bottles with the team logo, or small sports drinks. Hot chocolate packets are a great idea too! 

Some other ideas for party favours for your goodie bags: 

  • Chocolate-Cream Sandwich Cookies
  • Stickers
  • Small hockey sticks
  • Pencils
  • Hockey pucks
  • Street hockey balls
  • Patches
  • Cool colours of hockey tape

Now that you have some ideas for the birthday party, you’re probably ready to start considering what to get for the birthday boy or girl. Wall decals are a great gift that shows your interest in your child’s favourite activity or sport and allows them to decorate their room their way.

Wall decals from Hockey Rooms can be custom-made and produced in Canada. They can be peeled off and reapplied at will: with proper removal, they will not take your paint with them! Interested in adding some flair to your kid’s room? See what Hockey Rooms has in-stock today.


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