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Tight Turn Tips For Hockey Room Walls

Tight Turn Tips For Hockey Room Walls

Any good hockey player knows you don't quit practicing something you're already good at! Tight turns like inside and outside corners can be especially tricky, so here are some tips to help our fellow Hockey Room fans wrap our hockey boards around room corners.

Tip 1: Carve Those Inside Edges

If you've got Dave Semenko hands and huge fingers, it's tough to stick the inside edges. Especially in scenarios like the photo above, where the space between the wall and baseboard is about 1/4 inch. Our recommendation here is to apply more boards than you need to cover that space, then cut it to perfection with a utility knife. We're not sure about selling knives online, so we recommend you just buy one from Amazon or use a skate.

Tip 2: Stick Those Outside Edges

Once you make the turn, it's easier to stick those edges right away. Use lots of tape to help you navigate that corner so that you're not off-angle as soon as you make the turn.

Tip 3: Watch Your Offsides

In this example, you'll notice we're working with a New York Rangers colour wall. When our bottom edge of the boards didn't quite meet the baseboards exactly, that blue really popped like a sharp Lundqvist suit. Our recommendation here, is to put a bead of silicone where the boards meet the baseboards. This is an especially handy solution, considering many walls and baseboards aren't at a perfect 90-degrees, so gaps can become common.

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