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Reuse Our Samples For DIY Crafts

Reuse Our Samples For DIY Crafts

Order a free product sample box to see, smell, and stick our hockey decals on your walls. This will enable you to test-drive our high quality products and feel confident in ordering the larger pieces like hockey boards for your room.

Only pay for shipping & handling. The cost is refunded back to you via a promotional code if you like our product and want to order the real deal.

The box includes miniature versions of our product so you can see how easy it is to transform your room into a barn. Our sample boxes include scaled-down boards, glass, and blue/red/goal lines.

The first thing you'll notice

The quality. We don’t settle for cherry pickers or plumbers when it comes to the stuff we use to print our designs on – we use the Gordie Howe of adhesive material to make sure that you get the best.

We use DRYTAC mounting adhesives, a quality material that’s thick and durable to life’s wears and tears. DRYTAC is designed to stay strong indoors for a year or more on standard smooth floor and wall surfaces. DRYTAC will stay on the surface of your wall and not move until you remove it. This material will not peel the paint off your walls with careful removal.

The second thing you'll notice

Our designs are modular, meaning you can place items like lines, rivets, and glass anywhere you like to suit your personal preferences and/or the layout of your room. Stick the product samples to a wall testing area as demonstrated below (note: water bottle used as reference for size).

At this point we hope you're convinced

Our product is high-quality and fun. Experiment concluded. You're ready to order the real deal. No regretzkys.

But Wait, Do NOT Toss the Samples in the Garbage

Parent tip: you can get a few miles out of these samples by turning them - and the box - into a fun, DIY creative project for the kids. You can create a mini hockey arena, battle arena, shooting gallery, or unique photo backdrop!

Simply peel the decals off the wall and stick them inside the box they were shipped in, as shown below.

The "ice", by the way, are the sticker-back sheets you peel the decals off of. You may need the assistance of scissors to cut the product samples for a perfect fit. The handywork shown in these photos was whipped up in about 30 seconds. You know, short shifts.

You can also use a standard/small Amazon box, shoe box, or Timbits box in the same fashion. Since all of these box examples have lids, you're essentially creating a pack-and-go toy for the kids ensuring whatever's inside doesn't fall out or get lost.

There you have it! We'd be delighted if you reused our product samples instead of tossing them in the garbage.

Did you reuse your product samples? Send us photos!

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